6LY2A-STP 440hp Yanmar marine diesel engine

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6LY2A-STP 440hp High Performance Straight six
Why A Six?
For boats, the ability to slot an engine as low down as possible, or to mount twin engines low in the vee of the boat has been critical. The straight six has thus become the configuration of choice, as the crankshaft is still no so long as to require heavy strengthening, there is more capacity advantage over a four, and a six is far narrower than a vee-eight.
History Of The Engine
The release of the 6LY2A-STP increased the horsepower available in Yanmar’s 6LY series, providing a formidable line-up of engines that have already achieved victory in international powerboat races. The smaller capacity 6LYA-STP, has a big brother! The high power-to-weight ratio, the low slung configuration, the virtually square end profile of 709 x 708 mm for maximum compactness, and the intercooler turbo are all there. But the output has jumped by a massive 51.5kW (70hp)!